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DA says he won’t release autopsy report on slain Monroe Co. election commissioner

From the AP, via MyFoxHouston:

On Friday, District Attorney General Steve Bebb sent a press release saying he had obtained a copy of the full autopsy that afternoon. But he declined to release it right away.

“Due to the nature of the investigation there are facts that cannot and should not be released at this time,” he wrote. “It would be unfortunate if an investigation into the death of a citizen was compromised by the untimely release of information.”

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TCOG weighs in on Monroe Co. autopsy report left in limbo

TCOG Executive Director Frank Gibson was quoted by the Knoxville News-Sentinel on the repeated delays in granting access to the autopsy report in a high-profile homicide investigation — that of Monroe County Election Commission Chairman Jim Miller:

“And there is a deadline of seven days to respond,” said Frank Gibson, executive director of the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government. “That deadline was put in there to stop such shenanigans as (simply ignoring a request).”

Gibson: Aired ‘Hunt and Kill’ footage should suffice for prosecutors

Davidson County prosecutors are trying to get access to the raw footage of interviews from A&E’s Hunt and Kill series in which a Nashville Brown Pride gangster involved in a murder investigation said the group “did what we had to do.” TCOG Executive Director Frank Gibson was quoted in the story by the Nashville City Paper:

Frank Gibson, executive director of the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government, said reporters aren’t in the business of police work, and the footage aired should be enough for prosecutors.

“Journalists should not become arms of the police department or the prosecution,” he said. “Their job isn’t to investigate things and then turn their notes over to law enforcement.”